At K9 Potential you will discover how much fun training can be – for both ends of the lead!

Even troubling behaviour issues can be addressed with positive dog training whether you are looking for dog obedience or pet manners classes or behaviour modification for your dog we’re here to help. 

Hilary Paull Dip. CBST from K9 Potential is an Accredited dog trainer and Behaviourist and a member of IAABC International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Inc, PPGA Pet Professional Guild, and APDT Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

K9 Potential has been helping owners overcome problem pet behaviour, by providing owners with effective, science –based skills for over 10 years.

K9 Potentials operating area is on the North West of Brisbane, around Samford and surrounds, Eatons Hill, and Alderley area.
Pet owners are motivated by their success, the training is fun, and during the process a wonderful bond is created.

So if you want to know more about the science and maybe art of Dogmanship look no further.

Owners want to be able to walk safely with their dogs.

Not to be afraid or fearful of what their dog might do

Not to be embarrassed by their dog

Have their dogs be happy and enjoy their walks

I took my 6 month old Zara to basic training with Hilary at K9 Potential. It was
great to see how quickly she (and I) progressed when given simple and clear steps to
follow. The process of positive reinforcement was so valuable, not only for
developing good behaviour, but also for building a great relationship with my pup.

– Jason Falcongreen
Primary school teacher and dog lover

Core values of K9 Potential

• Do no harm
• Empowerment
• Positive interactions
• Professionalism

Humans have enjoyed the company of pets for centuries, they are an integral part of our families. Children who grow up with a pet are often healthier and have a bond with the family dog. The unconditional love of a dog is priceless. K9 Potential has great dog skills and knowledge and also good human communication skills which is also important as we are primarily teaching you the human side of the equation.