How do I pay?

I will supply you with an invoice for private one on one sessions. For class you will be sent details on your enrollment form. You can pay by bank transfer or with cash.

Where is the group class held?

In Samford Village at the Samford community church

Can I cancel an appointment?

Yes just give me as much notice as possible, but I do understand s… happens. Charges will be made for no-shows.

Can my child come to class?

yes we are family friendly. I encourage children, they do however need to be a little older to effectively train a dog.

What do I get for a consult fee?

Firstly my time and expertise, in order to fix a problem we need to identify, and accept there is a problem, then have the motivation to do something, and the capability to carry out a solution. You will get a management and behaviour modification plan, taught the practical skill required. And have follow up emails/phone contact.

What if I can’t remember all you said at the consult?

That’s normal, we go through a lot at the time and us humans only take in a certain percentage. I follow up with email attachments of handouts many of which have videos on for the more visual learners.