Hands on horse trick training in Samford and Dayboro area


What is horse trick training?

Teaching the horse to do certain movements that will make up a trick.  This is done by breaking down the end goal movement into small parts, the horse learns that it is beneficial to cooperate, so making learning easy.

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Why you should get horse trick training?

  • You have an interest in horse or clicker training and need some help getting started
  • Getting kids to safely work with horses
  • You are unable to ride at the moment
  • Want some fun stuff to do with your horse?
  • You’ve seen horses do tricks on YouTube and want your’s to do that?
  • Just want to show off to the farrier with a foot lift?

How positive reinforcement can train horses?

The first thing we teach is touch an article, this is a great way to start teaching the horse that when I make this sound (click or something) you receive a carrot (or other treat). If your horse is very shy the first trick may be simply to accept a treat. Some horses may need to work on not being pushy with food.

How is this different from traditional training?

Positive reinforcement training, allows the horse to be more in control of the training process, but because we manipulate the situation by giving a reward, (the consequence of doing the right thing) the horse becomes very willing to do what it is we want them to do. Traditional training relies on, do this or the alternative hurts.

How trick training can help horses of all development:

Trick training a horse

  • Rescue horses where you have no history
  • Competition horses
  • you have an old or injured horse that needs some brain stimulation
  • your horse is fearful and shy

What you will get out of this training?

  • Hands on help from an experienced clicker trainer
  • Three personalized lessons at your paddock, fortnightly or more to allow you time to practice
  • Notes from each lesson
  • Recommendations on how to continue

What tricks you could teach

  • Hug
  • Bow
  • Leg lifts
  • Backing up
  • Stand and wait
  • Come
  • Kiss
  • Many more

How to book?

Get in touch via the contact on this page to book in a mutually convenient time slot.

Each lesson will be approximately 1 hour


For the package of three lessons $175