One-on-One Dog Training

Like having your own personal trainer

At K9 Potential you will discover how much fun training can be – for both ends of the lead!

Even troubling behaviour issues can be addressed with positive dog training whether you are looking for dog obedience or pet manners classes or behaviour modification for your dog we’re here to help.

Does your dog behave inappropriately at home or embarrass you when you are out. Then get a personal training package and let K9 Potential get the best from your dog in all situations.

Dogs from puppy to adult they all have times when they challenge our resources.  You may have a new puppy that you want to give the best possible start to, or an adult dog that you want to help adjust to a new situation, the beauty of one-on-one dog training is that it is tailor made to your situation.

Examples of issues that you could be having

Separation distress/anxiety when left alone

Excessive barking

Fear issues with objects

Reaction/aggression/fear issues with other dogs

Reaction/aggression/fear issues with other people, including household members

Excessive destruction/digging

Reaction/aggression around resources/objects/people

Not suited to class due to not being social (human or dog)


 “When a behaviour (good or bad) is practiced it makes it perfect. So the longer you leave it the harder it is to fix. If your dog is doing any of the above or more then the sooner you book a consultation the better.”  Hilary Paull owner K9 Potential


Baseline1X single consult


One home visit up to 2 hours

Dog Assessment

Training plan


3X sessions


One home visit up to 2 hours

Dog Assessment

Training plan

2 extra sessions  one hour each 



5X sessions


One home visit up to 2 hours

Dog Assessment

Training plan

4 extra sessions one hour each



If you are not sure what package to get then start here. You can upgrade at any time. On doing an assessment it becomes clear how to move forward with a training plan. How much time you are willing to put into your dog will determine the outcome. Depending on the issue or issues you want help with will make a difference to how long the assessment will take and how much hands on training time we will have. My job is to guide you through, why your pet is doing a certain behaviour what is driving that behaviour and then how to change that behaviour. In more complex cases I am happy to work with your vet or vet behaviourist.


By booking into 3 sessions you are committed to help you furry friend. You may have a dog that is not suited to class but want to teach all the basics, like teach your dog to walk on a loose lead, to sit, drop, stay, leave it, and come when called. Or you know your dog is going to need more than one session to solve the problem. The first visit is at home, however the follow up visits could take place outside your home. Maybe combining a walk and a social vet visit. The day and time is worked out when you get in touch this gives you flexibility and control of the training dates. We can touch on the body language of dogs and leaning effective ways to teach.


Go straight to the advance level. Some of us need a higher commitment. This option give you lots of scope to work on multiple issues or training skills for your dog. Following the first session by four more visits will make a huge impact onto your relationship with your dog. There is no time limit on this option so it may take a couple of months or longer. Some behavioural issues need time alongside training skills to improve so as to make a difference. This options will enable plenty of time to also teach you to read your dog’s body language and what your dog is communicating to you.

What to expect from one-on-one dog training

By meeting and sitting down with you and your dog (plus other family members 2 or 4 legged) a full behaviour history is taken. It’s very helpful to have the pet in its own surroundings so as to observe the behaviour first hand. No judgements made just a clear picture of the situation. Having dealt with my own, plus client’s problem dogs I have a personal and professional outlook. I have a good sound knowledge of dog behaviour theory and will be undertaking what we call a functional Behaviour analysis, but let’s not get to technical for now. Dog behaviour can be challenging but with the right help things will start looking up and you will be on the rehabilitation journey with your pet. You will receive some immediate feedback and some changes you can implement straight away. Or if you are just wanting private training then the history taking is short and we get straight into hands on training.

Understanding your dog’s body language is essential to decipher what your dog is trying to communicate to you. It makes you a better teacher when you learn to read your dog. Many owners are amazed to learn that their dog is not ignoring or deliberately disobeying them at all, but is actually communicating stress, fear or a lack of understanding. Developing this understanding enhances your relationship with your dog – you begin to realize why your dog behaves in certain ways.

Understanding how dogs learn makes teaching effective, efficient, and don’t forget FUN! Clicker training is one of our favourite ways to teach and you will received the basics when you book in for some one-on-one training to get started with this most enjoyable form of teaching.

K9 Potentials aim is for you to enjoy life with your dog, and to do that I help you create a relationship between you and your dog so you set them up to succeed. With persistence, patience, positive reinforcement and support you can relax and love life with your dog.

Why choose K9 Potential

If you have not watched my video on the home page.  Then in brief, you are engaging a highly qualified, experienced dog trainer, who specialises in dogs with behavioural problems. Training the basics in dog training is one level, when dealing with behaviour your trainer needs to know and use behavioural science.  If you are considering other trainers, ask questions, the industry is unregulated, so its buyer beware. If aversive or force methods are used there are unwanted behavioural side effects.

When using the facts of what is presented, and your knowledge of the science then behaviour can be understood and changed. K9 Potential is both practical and knowledgeable. 

Area covered

From Alderley, to Bunya and Samford and beyond . I will travel further if you are on the north west of Brisbane. (but extra cost may be incurred, for fuel)

How to book

Use the contact option or go to contact page you may phone or email.

Payment plans are possible on request.

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