Private Behaviour Consultations


We all love our pets, but sometimes we do not enjoy how they act. There are ways to change our pets behaviour. 

Having difficulties with your dog’s behaviour that you need help to modify or get rid of. Well let K9 Potential find solutions to your problems. If you find your dog exhibits difficult to manage or strange habits, or aggressive tendencies towards people or other dogs, then the sooner you get help with your dog the better. Practice makes perfect whether the behaviour is good or bad. If your dog is doing annoying behaviours such as digging, barking, pulling on lead, aggression, shy and fearful or just jumping up, then enroll in class or sign up for a private training package.

A  Behavioural Change Programme is usually required for more serious problem behaviours such as:

  • Separation distress/anxiety when left alone
  • Excessive barking
  • Fear issues with objects
  • Reaction/aggression/fear issues with other dogs
  • Reaction/aggression/fear issues with other people, including household members
  • Excessive destruction/digging
  • Reaction/aggression around resources/objects/people
  • Excessive grooming/licking/biting
  • Escaping

What to do now

Book into K9 Potential for a consultation
Cost: First home consult $150 then join one of the package options for the best deals.  See One on One training

What to expect

A Behaviour Consultation:  Expect this to take up to 1.5 hours

By meeting and sitting down with you and your dog (plus other family members 2 or 4 legged) a full behaviour history is taken. It’s very helpful to have the pet in its own surroundings so as to observe the behaviour first hand. No judgements made just a clear picture of the situation. Having dealt with my own plus client’s problem dogs I have a personal and professional outlook.  I have a good sound knowledge of dog behaviour theory and will be undertaking what we call a functional Behaviour analysis, but let’s not get too technical for now.   Dog behaviour can be challenging but with the right help things will start looking up and you will be on the rehabilitation journey with your pet. You will receive some immediate feedback and some changes you can implement straight away. However follow up visits are usually recommended. At times it’s difficult to see what is at the cause of the problem when we are so close to it.  By having a third party there to form an unbiased picture allows for a way forward, and a solution to the problem. For a written report an extra charge will apply.

I am happy to work in with your Vet on more serious issues where medications may be needed.  I may also recommend your dog  go and have a full medical to rule out health issues.

How to book

Contact me either by email or phone