Temperament Assessments

K9 Potential can come and perform an independent assessment on a dog for you or your organisation.

  • Examples:
  • Prior to purchase of new dog
  • A new adopted/foster dog in trial period
  • For rescue organisations
  • Contesting a council decision

The assessment itself will take around an hour, this could be in your home, or elsewhere. A written report will be sent via email, to suit the purpose of the assessment. 

While there is increasing scientific attention on the development and evaluation of behavioural tests used to assess personality, they are not full proof and their use is only an aid.

Fee for assessments is $175

Training For Vet Clinic Staff

K9 Potential can attend your vet clinic to either train the staff or work directly with clients. This could be in-service training for your staff in handling and behaviour issues at the clinic. Or as an add on service to your clients to aid them in handling their pet in the clinic or in administering husbandry behaviours at home. Hilary is Fear Free Certified and can help you implement cooperative health care with dogs and cats.

Talks To Interest Groups

I offer a variety of topics covering learning theory, fostering dogs, barking dogs, aggressive dogs, therapy dogs to practical skills training, like using a marker/clicker. Talks will be geared to your requirements, you may be a rescue group or a Book club or other.

Talks could be lunchtime talks, walk and talk, evening meeting talks to associations and groups, lecture style talks. Some talks will be offered for gratis otherwise. Price on inquiry.