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How do I pay?

I will supply you with an invoice for your sessions. You can pay by bank transfer or with cash. Some assistance dog clients may pay via NDIS

I can send invoices directly to your accounts team for NDIS

Do you run classes?

Not any more. K9 Potential held classes in Samford for many years. However it was time to move on. Classes can still be found in Samford and run by Taking the Lead Dog training. Lisa the owner/trainer there is a trusted college so if class is what you want then go to her web page.

Can I cancel an appointment?

Yes just give me as much notice as possible, but I do understand s… happens. If its late best send a text or phone. Charges will be made for no-shows.

Can my child be involved with training?

Yes we are family friendly. I encourage children, they do however need to be a little older to effectively train a dog. Its important that all members of the family are involved with your family dog and that includes the training.

And will be under your supervision. Training is a great way to build the bond and relationship between children and dogs.

What do I get for my consult fee?

Firstly my time and expertise and experience. To to fix a problem we need to identify and then assess the problem, we need to understand the motivation and then to do something to change the issue. Part on my role is to give you the capability to carry out the solution. You will get a management and behaviour modification plan, be taught the practical skills required. And have follow up emails/phone contact.

What’s a home consult like?

By meeting and sitting down with you your family and your dog in your environment I can get a behaviour history. No judgements made just a clear picture of the situation. Dog behaviour can be challenging but with the right help things will start looking up and you will be on a rehabilitation journey with your pet. You will receive some immediate feedback and some changes you can implement straight away. Or if you are just wanting private training then the history taking is short and we get straight into hands on training. We might need some space but not huge, undercover is good. I generally bring dog food treats with me, but let me know if your dog has any allergies.

I will point our your dog’s body language to help you decipher what your dog is trying to communicate, which could be stress, fear or happiness.

K9 Potentials aim is for you to enjoy life with your dog, and to do that I help you create a relationship between you and your dog,that’s bulit on trush. With persistence, patience, positive reinforcement and support you can relax and love life with your dog.

What if I can’t remember all you said at the consult?

That’s normal, we go through a lot at the time and us humans only take in a certain percentage. I follow up with an email and attachments of handouts many of which have videos on for the more visual learners.