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Our Dog Training Services

What K9 Potential specialises in:

Aggressive dogs – be it fear based or intent to do harm

Assistance dogs – under Minddog, I assess or train dogs. Pre-assessments can be booked to determine the suitability of your dog. Guidance with NDIS application.

Assistance dogs – who may be going through GHAD or PTSD groups, and need help with training, or behavioural problems.

Complex behavioural problems – using applied behaviour analysis, and other sciences, we first get to the ‘why’ the function of the unwanted behaviour and then work out a plan to move forward.

Therapy dogs – there is an increase demand for therapy dogs in many clinical/educational situations. The dog needs to have a high level of training but more importantly it needs the ‘right’ temperament. The handler requires enough dog behaviour and training knowledge to keep the situation safe and within welfare requirements of the dog.

Assistance/service/emotional support Dog Training