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Behaviour Consults or in home training

Training package or a behaviour consult

How do you know what you need

Its OK if you are not sure. Get in touch and talk about what you are experiencing with your dog and we will guide you from there. For example, does your dog behave inappropriately at home or embarrass you when you are out? Invest in a training package and let K9 Potential get the best from your dog in any situation. Your dog may have biten you or someone else, or another trainer has refered you to K9Potential. The beauty of one-on-one dog training is that it is tailor made to your situation, and at your convenience.

Book In Home Training

Providing you with the most up to date models of training and information available. You may just want the convenience of training at home or your dog is not suitable for class, you are at the right spot. Does your dog get fearful or get overwhelmed? maybe you have multiple dogs, that have starting fighting. Its all about you reaching your goals, this could be just walking your dog or the vet visit. Get the whole family involved its fun and effective. Its more than just training you get to learn your dogs body language, and gain knowledge and skills. A great investment for your dogs future.

Book into a 3 session package for $375 Extra individual sessions are also available.

Behaviour Consult

As a dog behaviour consultant I specialize in preventing, managing, and modifying challenging behaviors in dogs. Even those with a bite history. I ask you to be honest so I can work out a safety plan prior to my visit. Having studied behaviorology, enables me to assess the contingencies surrounding the particular behaviour, so as to work out a plan for improvement. Further studies in aggressive dogs and keeping abreast of current research enables me to specialize in taking on aggressive cases. Therefore making changes within the environment equals changing a behaviour. This will then make it possible for the dog to change its emotional response to the stimulus that was evoking the behaivour.

Rates -single consult which includes a written report and plan $195 Follow up sessions available


K9 Potential specialises in dog aggression cases, this does not mean your dog is “aggressive” but rather shows some aggression in certain circumstances. For example, resource guarding, towards humans big or small, or towards other dogs/cats. K9 Potential has experience dealing with bite history cases, and with councils. We start with a comprehensive history from you then form a plan. Please be aware if aversives or forceful methods are used there can be unwanted behavioural side effects. Using brains and not brawn is much more effective. Book a consult and see the difference.