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Therapy Dogs

It is well documented dogs can help us humans, big or small. So, it’s understandable that there is an increase of therapy dogs. There is also an increase in businesses offering well-being or therapy dogs. If a dog is expected to be amongst a group of humans and be off lead and there for longer periods of time, then even if its called a well-being dog it should still be certified by a suitably qualified Dog trainer and the handler educated in dog behaviour.

Weather you are a social worker, a teacher, an occupational therapist, or want to provide a service where you can make a difference to someone’s life using a dog. This course is for you.

Therapy dogs are trained specifically to work with their handler in a therapeutic setting they can:

•            Reduced anxiety in a client

•            create a calm environment

•            Modelling, and teaching

•            create anenjoyable experience

How K9 Potential can help you

Attain and chose a dog

Pre-assessment on your dog

Enrol in the therapy dog course

Certification your dog

A therapy dog needs to be over one to gain certifcation, but you may start the course earlier. Note not all dogs are suitable.

K9 Potential is a member of Animal Therapies Ltd and supports its work.
Amigo works at Inside out
Ted works at Kelvin Grove SS

Course for therapy dog handlers

This course is designed as a self paced learning experience. Aiming for you to become responsible for a therapy dog within a work setting. You will gain understanding of the theory of learning and the science behind the training.  So becoming more mindful, gain good observational skills, and a sound knowledge of the communication methods of dogs. Together we work out how best to use your dog in your particular setting.  At completion you and your dog undergo an assessment to gain certification.

Email for an enrolment form or more infomation

Costs are pay as you go after a $90 Enrolment fee

Each Zoom session is $60
In person sessions will be $90 (exc travel) the number of sessions will depend on your prior learning and experience.
The final assessment will be $175(exc travel) this will include a certificate
If you require a pre-assessment visit $135 (exc travel) (maybe required if you are unsure about the suitability of your dog)

Note you should expect to do 5 sessions prior to your assessment. More will be required where your dog has had no prior training.